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Fremont Divorce Attorney & Family Law

Fremont Divorce Attorney & Family Law


There are so many layers to the law that’s it’s nearly impossible to decipher it on your own. Even if you manage to navigate the unending sea of legal terminology and judicial history, frequent amendments make it difficult to determine if what you’ve learned is still relevant.


The Law Office of Chow & Losinski addresses your matter with a combined 30 years of legal expertise. We have the education and experience to argue an array of legal issues from all domains.


If you’re dealing with a divorce matter, child custody battle, criminal law, or an issue regarding personal injury, allow us to relieve the stress of your legal difficulty. Contracting a skilled attorney to fight on your behalf is both a right and a necessity. The justice system leaves a nearly nonexistent margin of error. Neglecting to maintain competent counsel and representation is a risk you can’t afford to take.


Chow & Losinski has provided clients in Fremont with affordable representation leading to an infinite amount of rulings in our favor. Hundreds of millions of dollars in granted settlements and countless satisfactory divorce agreements have built an outstanding reputation for our practice.


You can read real customer testimonials made available right here on our site. After going through a few firsthand accounts, you’ll learn that each of our cases are treated with an ethical sense of passion and dedication to protect our client’s best interests.


Our services cover all areas of California law including various aspects of divorce, legal separation, asset and debt division or protection, and mediation. In reality, our state’s divorce regulations are not very favorable towards men. For that reason, it’s important for both parties to gain competent counsel to argue on their behalf.


Chow & Losinski has also orchestrated restraining orders, custody agreements, paternity, visitation, child support, and spousal support cases. A good attorney will alleviate your stress and allow you to focus on personal wellness. While we’re negotiating your legal battle, you’ll be free to strengthen yourself emotionally. You can tend to open wounds left behind by the end of your relationship, separation from your children, or physical recovery from accidents and injuries.


Our offices offer comprehensive legal service to which our clients are unable to truly attest a tangible value. Having a passionate legal team in your corner at your time of need is something our clients cherish for many years after their case has closed. We’ve had the pleasure of saving lives while making sure our clients’ voices are properly heard before the judge and on paper.


Appearing in a courtroom alone can be the biggest mistake of your life. Attorneys are more than well-spoken accessories. We are qualified advisors who can present you with priceless guidance on how to proceed in every stage of your case.


The Law Office of Chow & Losinski tirelessly studies every facet of your case in order to be sure we’re duly equipped to present and defend the most crucial points, leading to a desirable outcome. Every member of our staff works hard to devote their skills to your benefit. Give us a call to schedule your free appointment today.