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Legal Guardianship

San Leandro Legal Guardianship Attorneys

At the Law Office of Chow & Losinski, lawyers serving San Leandro, Pleasanton, Hayward, Oakland, Fremont, Union City and neighboring cities, the best interests of the children are paramount in our practice of family law. Sometimes, this means assigning appropriate individuals to care for the legal and everyday needs of a child. If the welfare of your children is at stake, you need to act quickly to file a guardianship petition, which can provide them with the protection they need.


For immediate representation, contact East Bay Area legal separation lawyers at 510-895-9099.

Lawyers creating stability for children through legal guardianship – serving Alameda County

In most guardianship cases that come to the Law Office of Chow & Losinski, we meet with the proposed guardian regarding the welfare of the child when the parents are unable to provide a stable environment.

Guardianships can make life better for everyone

First and foremost, the children need health insurance and the chance to enroll in quality schools. Legal guardianships can make a child’s life better when parents are unable to do so.

When a parent dies in California

Sadly, there are occasions when a parent or parents have died, leaving their children to a brother or sister. A guardianship is necessary to secure death benefits for the children and ensure that they are cared for following their loss.

Contact a Professional San Leandro Legal Guardianship Lawyer. For more information or to schedule a free appointment with an experienced attorney in the East Bay regarding legal guardianship services, please contact our San Leandro law firm.