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Child Support

San Leandro Child Support Attorneys

When it comes to a divorce, children should always come first. Their best interests and well-being need to be paramount to both parents, including supporting them financially. At the Law Office of Chow & Losinski, serving San Leandro, Pleasanton, Hayward, Oakland, Fremont, Union City and neighboring cities, we get to the facts in calculating accurate child support arrangements. While money can turn a peaceful divorce into a war, we help you focus on what is best for your children. Do not let petty disputes over a few dollars affect your relationship with your kids


Contact our child support law firm at 510-895-9099 for a free initial consultation.

Child support guidlines from lawyers serving Alameda County

Like many other states, California has strict guidelines for calculating child support to ensure that the support amount reflects the income and expenses of the parents. That is where disputes often arise. We will work to obtain valid figures for the calculation of support to ensure your children get what they need.

Coming to an agreement on child support for your children.

At the Law Office of Chow & Losinski, we help parents find a middle ground in all aspects of a divorce settlement. While financial disputes create rifts, our goal is to keep the focus on your children. They have financial needs just like mom and dad.

Focusing on the best interests of your children.

Our child support and divorce practice is not about holding hands. It is about keeping our clients focused on what is important: their children. Full disclosure of income and an accurate accounting of expenses is crucial in determining appropriate child support.

Contact a Bay Area Spousal Support Attorney. For more information or to schedule a free appointment with an experienced spousal support lawyer in the East Bay, please contact our San Leandro law firm.